We Are Back – 2018!

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Hey friends, family and followers!

Just wanted to give you a heads up… CRT18 is going to happen! That is right… the tour is going to be happening again in 2018!

We are still working out details on cities, dates, etc… but all of it is in the works! As soon as we get more details from Danny, we will post it!

Who’s in?

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Eric Swendsen “Big Wheel”

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Dear participants and followers of the Capital Ruck Tour,

This nationwide, year-long endeavor to benefit our nation’s wounded veterans through Operation Enduring Warrior has been heavily influenced and supported by my F3 brothers. Tragically, we lost one of our own, Eric Swendsen “Big Wheel”, when he suffered a heart attack while training for the Austin stop of the CRT. He leaves behind his wife, Jessica, of 7 years and two boys – 4 and 1 years old. In an effort to support Eric’s surviving family during this difficult time, we will dedicate the Austin tour stop to him. Eric’s father Bill Swendsen “Cruiser”, along with other F3Houston brothers, will CONTINUE MISSION, and still plan on attending the Austin tour stop on Oct 28, 2017. I encourage you to participate, and by doing so honor Big Wheel at this tour stop.

Additionally, please help financially by contributing to the following:
1. F3Houston is raffling off a GoRuck GR-1 ($295 value), a custom 30# Ruck Plate – as well as some F3Texas Patches. Details are here: https://twitter.com/F3Inferno/status/920262374522806272
2. There is also a GoFundMe page setup in Eric’s name: https://www.gofundme.com/eric-swendsens-hospital-expenses

Danny Stokes
Founder: Capital Ruck Tour
~ Linus…F3 Defiance (Tacoma)

Spread the word!

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Hey friends & followers!
We are starting in on the last leg of the tour in 10 days! We still have 21 stops in the next 6 weeks and we really need your help getting the word out. You can find the list of remaining stops here: www.facebook.com/capitaltour2017/events
The first part of this leg swings through the southeast before heading back to the northeast:
If you have friends or family that live near one of our stops, please encourage them to join in! If you are a member of a Facebook group with people that would be interested, please share our events or invite people to them. We love having GRTs, OCAs, TeamRWB members, F3 & FiA members, veterans, civilians, kids, pets – basically everyone is welcome. We just need your help getting the word out and getting them out to the tour stops.
Please share our events and get your friends & family to join in!!!

Get Involved With OEW!

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As we prepare for another week of tour stops, I wanted to take a moment and let you know how you can become more involved in Operation Enduring Warrior – outside of participating in tour stops…

The place to start is to become an OEW Community Ambassador (OCA). Below is the full description of what the purpose of an OCA is and what they do. Read it before signing up, but joining is a free and simple process:
1. Setup a Kintera donation page: http://bit.ly/oewkinterareg
2. Request to join the OCA Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/oewcommunityambassadors/
For more information or assistance, please contact OCA Liaison, Mike Bailey, at m.bailey@enduringwarrior.org.

OEW Community Ambassador (OCA) Description:
Established to provide supporters of the OEW mission around the country with the opportunity to personally and positively affect the lives of our nation’s wounded service members and their families. (NO GAS MASKS PLEASE! Only our Masked Athlete Team (MAT) wears gas masks). By registering as an Operation Enduring Warrior Community Ambassador (OCA), volunteers can collect donations from individuals or organizations.

Providing much needed support, our OCAs consist of compassionate people who take the time and initiative to accomplish/volunteer at/compete in/host events or feats while supporting OEW. Fundraising is competitive and often difficult; however, we are also a team. Use this group to your advantage to participate in events and help spread the word to others about OEW’s ongoing mission.

By rallying communities in support of OEW, OCAs show our wounded service members they are not forgotten. The funding and awareness that is raised by OCAs is an integral part of the support OEW needs to accomplish it’s mission. OCAs pledge to raise funds in a variety of creative ways as well as raise awareness for OEW and they have fun in the process!

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, participating in your first event or acting as a volunteer in one of many ways, your efforts can make a difference in the quality of life for our wounded service members! Check the Group Page and the main Facebook Page for updates and events where the OEW Team calls all OCAs to join us in our mission to Honor, Empower and Motivate our nation’s wounded service members.

Good luck and Honor Their Sacrifice!

Ruck 6 stops and you get a six-pack patch!

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Ruck 6 stops and you get a six-pack patch!
12 stops get you the twelve-pack patch!
24 stops earns you the pony keg patch!

It has been mentioned a couple of times in Facebook Live videos, but wanted to formally announce the program we have for completing multiple events – as well as the special patches.

At the completion of each Capital Tour 2017 stop, participants earn one of 2 patches:
– for the full Rx ruck (20 miles), you get the full color version

– for the Scaled ruck (5 miles), you get the gray-scale version

That does not change with the addition of the multiple tour stop patches. We now have special patches for those participants that complete 6 tour stops, 12 tour stops or even 24 tour stops. We also have a discount for participants plan to earn one of these patches.

For a 6-pack patch – we only have one person (besides Danny) that has earned this patch as of today, but let us know before you register for your 6th tour stop. We will provide a coupon code for you that will make your 6th tour stop free.

For a 12-pack patch – like above, your 6th and 12th events are free. Let us know before you register and we will get you coupon codes.

Although unlikely that anyone will complete 24 tour stops to earn the Pony Keg patch, let us know if plan to and we will work out your registration discount!

All we can ask is that you come back for multiple tour stops! Make sure to bring your friends and family to each as well!

~ Capital Tour 2017 Team

Next Leg of the Tour starts soon!

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Next Leg of the Tour starts in just a few weeks!

Can you help up get the word out? Mark yourself going on the Facebook events below and then invite all your friends to join you!

May 7th – Topeka, KS
May 8th – Jefferson City, MO
May 9th – Springfield, IL
May 10th – Des Moines, IA
May 11th – Madison, WI
May 12th – St. Paul, MN
May 20th – Lincoln, NE
May 21st – Pierre, SD
May 22nd – Bismarck, ND

You can also find the full list of stops remaining on our Facebook Page and Website.

Thanks in advance for all your help!
– CRT17 Team



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So who likes burpees? No one raised their hand, right? Well, we are still going to do them!

The Capital Tour 2017 has a goal of doing 1 million burpees by the end of the year… and we need all the help we can get!

Here is where YOU come in… you can submit any burpees you do this year – doesn’t have to be at a tour stop – to help get us to our goal. Whenever you do burpees in a workout at home, at the gym, cause you failed a Spartan obstacle or whenever, you can submit your count at www.capitaltour2017.com/burpees

We know 1 million is a HUGE goal – so let’s start small. Let’s hit 100,000 by June 1st!

Who’s in?

Let’s Make It 50!

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We have been asked a couple times why only 48 states and we haven’t been able to come up with a good answer…

So we are announcing 2 more stops being added to the tour! We are going to visit those 2 states off the southwest coast of California!

Juneau, AK – June 23rd
Honolulu, HI – August 4th

So now we need your help getting people out to these stops! Please share with friends, family, groups, gyms or anyone that will be in the area. Also, start planning your travel and come join in on the fun!


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Hey everyone!

The New shirts are available for purchase on our website now!

Check them out here:

These are a great way to support the tour right where you are.

Also, be on the lookout for new items headed to the online shop soon!

A portion of all Proceeds go towards Operation Enduring Warrior.

~CRT 2017 Team

Leg 2 of the tour starts March 13th!

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Hey everyone! The Capital Ruck Tour 2017 is off to an amazing start! Check out the Facebook page from the first leg of the tour to see some pictures!  Extremely happy to see some of the OEW crew out for the Phoenix stop – an amazing group!

Leg 2 of the tour kicks off on March 13th and the following cities will be visited:
Mar 13 – Capital Tour 2017 – Helena, MT
Mar 14 – Capital Tour 2017 – Bismarck, ND
Mar 15 – Capital Tour 2017 – Pierre, SD
Mar 16 – Capital Tour 2017 – Cheyenne, WY
Mar 17 – Capital Tour 2017 – Denver, CO
Mar 21 – Capital Tour 2017 – Oklahoma City, OK

The Facebook event pages for Leg 2 are linked above, but event pages for the rest of tour can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pg/capitaltour2017/events/

You can also find a full list of events here on the website.

Let’s make Danny proud and show up in force! This is a great way to get friends and family out rucking as there are TWO options: a 20 mile RX Ruck and a 5 mile Scaled ruck at each event. Reach out to everyone you know in these cities and spread the word. Share the Facebook events and the website.

We are working on contacting local TeamRWB, GORUCK groups, F3/FiA and Crossfit clubs, but if you are in one of these groups and can help us spread the word – let us know!

Thanks everyone!

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Funds Raised For OEW

As of June 15th, 2017

#A13F40 Raised $10,500 towards the $20,000 target.