Welcome to Capital Tour 2017!

Welcome to Capital Tour 2017!

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Danny Stokes will journey to 48 State Capitals and lead an epic 20 mile Ruck March ending at each state capitol building, in order to strengthen our community of patriotic athletes and raise funds for Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW). His support vehicle will drop him off 20 miles outside of each capital building, where he will link up with local athletes, ruckers and ruck clubs. Those who join must be able to cover the distance in under seven hours, carrying 20 pounds or 20 kilograms in your ruck, your choice. Expect a short WOD before we step off, fellowship along the way, and a brief presentation upon endex, highlighting the life of a virtuous American whose work impacted the State. You’ll get a cool patch, and possibly a cold beverage and a slice of pizza. There will be a Merchandise Table, highlighting the gear of our sponsors, and of course T-shirts. Expect to have a good time, and see some great organizations representing such as F3, Team RWB, FiA, OEW, The Fab Four, and Travail CrossFit.

Approximately 80 days on the road divided into four segments; February through November, 2017. Please see the Tour Dates page for more info and come out for a great time and even greater cause!

Rx Ruck = Complete 20 mile ruck in the allotted 7 hr time with Danny.

Scaled Ruck = Meet Danny at the 15 mile point  at 2230 (10:30pm) and finish the last 5 miles with the team. Details on the 15 mile rally point will be distributed when the route is published.

Other Requirements:

– $20 per participant (half will be donated to OEW)
– 20 lbs per ruck (or 20kgs for the big boys and big girls)
– Ruck must have reflective belt or lights attached, for vehicle safety
– Each event will start at exactly 1700hrs (5pm) for Rx and 2230 (10:30pm) for Scaled
– Time cap of 7 hours to complete with patch ceremony at the end
– 50% of the proceeds from the event go to Operation Enduring Warrior (check out their awesome work below)

About Operation Enduring Warrior: OEW offers wounded veterans the opportunity to challenge themselves through various physically challenging events. OEW is made up of OEW Team Athletes, Community Ambassadors and Veteran supporters who join alongside our Adaptive Athletes in these challenging events.

To find out more click here: http://enduringwarrior.org/about/

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Funds Raised For OEW

As of June 15th, 2017

#A13F40 Raised $10,500 towards the $20,000 target.