Ruck 6 stops and you get a six-pack patch!

Ruck 6 stops and you get a six-pack patch!

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Ruck 6 stops and you get a six-pack patch!
12 stops get you the twelve-pack patch!
24 stops earns you the pony keg patch!

It has been mentioned a couple of times in Facebook Live videos, but wanted to formally announce the program we have for completing multiple events – as well as the special patches.

At the completion of each Capital Tour 2017 stop, participants earn one of 2 patches:
– for the full Rx ruck (20 miles), you get the full color version

– for the Scaled ruck (5 miles), you get the gray-scale version

That does not change with the addition of the multiple tour stop patches. We now have special patches for those participants that complete 6 tour stops, 12 tour stops or even 24 tour stops. We also have a discount for participants plan to earn one of these patches.

For a 6-pack patch – we only have one person (besides Danny) that has earned this patch as of today, but let us know before you register for your 6th tour stop. We will provide a coupon code for you that will make your 6th tour stop free.

For a 12-pack patch – like above, your 6th and 12th events are free. Let us know before you register and we will get you coupon codes.

Although unlikely that anyone will complete 24 tour stops to earn the Pony Keg patch, let us know if plan to and we will work out your registration discount!

All we can ask is that you come back for multiple tour stops! Make sure to bring your friends and family to each as well!

~ Capital Tour 2017 Team

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