Get Involved With OEW!

Get Involved With OEW!

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As we prepare for another week of tour stops, I wanted to take a moment and let you know how you can become more involved in Operation Enduring Warrior – outside of participating in tour stops…

The place to start is to become an OEW Community Ambassador (OCA). Below is the full description of what the purpose of an OCA is and what they do. Read it before signing up, but joining is a free and simple process:
1. Setup a Kintera donation page:
2. Request to join the OCA Facebook group:
For more information or assistance, please contact OCA Liaison, Mike Bailey, at

OEW Community Ambassador (OCA) Description:
Established to provide supporters of the OEW mission around the country with the opportunity to personally and positively affect the lives of our nation’s wounded service members and their families. (NO GAS MASKS PLEASE! Only our Masked Athlete Team (MAT) wears gas masks). By registering as an Operation Enduring Warrior Community Ambassador (OCA), volunteers can collect donations from individuals or organizations.

Providing much needed support, our OCAs consist of compassionate people who take the time and initiative to accomplish/volunteer at/compete in/host events or feats while supporting OEW. Fundraising is competitive and often difficult; however, we are also a team. Use this group to your advantage to participate in events and help spread the word to others about OEW’s ongoing mission.

By rallying communities in support of OEW, OCAs show our wounded service members they are not forgotten. The funding and awareness that is raised by OCAs is an integral part of the support OEW needs to accomplish it’s mission. OCAs pledge to raise funds in a variety of creative ways as well as raise awareness for OEW and they have fun in the process!

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, participating in your first event or acting as a volunteer in one of many ways, your efforts can make a difference in the quality of life for our wounded service members! Check the Group Page and the main Facebook Page for updates and events where the OEW Team calls all OCAs to join us in our mission to Honor, Empower and Motivate our nation’s wounded service members.

Good luck and Honor Their Sacrifice!

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Funds Raised For OEW

As of June 15th, 2017

#A13F40 Raised $10,500 towards the $20,000 target.